Saturday, September 5, 2009

The search for the Drake Father part one

I wrote this long ago, so if you dont like it, dont read it. Enjoy: Ronan Drake sat in his dorm waiting for his friends, Cassandra GriffonDamer and Brian DarkGlade. Ronan had called them. It was a emergency. Finally, they appeared through his door. "Finally!" yelled Ronan. " I just ot this letter" He read them the letter. Dear Ronan, you may not remember me, But I am your long lost father. He paued, for rian had something to say. " But Ronan, i thought you were a orphan!" said brian. "I am!" He continued. I had to give you to Cyrus Drake, for he is my broher. Ronan stared. "CYRUS IS MY UNCLE?!?" Ronan screamed. He continued. But, since of yeserday, I have heard that Cyrus is dead. So, I must start to raise you as my own child. Meet me in Mythtopolis. "What Mythopolis?" they asked in unision. Ronan stared athis Lynx Gazer. And then he remembered something. When he was a small wizard, Cyrus had told him, The answer to all your questions lye with the Lynx. He reached for the Lynx. But then something Dark and Evil sounding stopped him. "Halt! Ronan! You are under arrest for Grand Theft Portrait!" said the mysterous stranger. Stay tunes for part 2

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  1. This sounds good. A little spelling mistakes, but good! Hope I play a good part ^.^