Friday, September 18, 2009

The Header Contest!

I so need a new header! So, its up to you guys, my loyal readers to design one. If you do a GREAT job, you win a really awesome prize! It will remain secret, but it will be good! Come on, you know you want to! Cassandra, I bet you can win! I mean, you are the Paint Princess lol. Cheats, you can win too! You are a awesome blogger! And esmee, you have no chance! (Joking!) So, if you want to try and win, go right ahead! And now, I bid you a due.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorhees

Halloween Post time! Ah these dudes are Scary, Awesome,and SCARY! Don't know what they look like? Picture time! ^-^ Look up, they staring at you *Insert backound lightning clash* Muahahahahahahaha! So, the poll is up, vote, its going to be there until Halloween itself! Pesonally, Freddy scares me the most. So thats why I am going to be him this Halloween :) Also, tell me what are you going to be in the comments!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Yesterdaywas 9/11. It was a bad day or the U.S.A. So, in honor of 9/11, I went to New York to see the grave sight of the Twin Towers. I dont have pictures for you guys. And par 3 of te Drake Father will be out soon. R.I.P. I give nothing butlove and hope for everyone who lost family on 9/11. Have you heard about Freedom Tower? They are trying to replace The World trade Center! Thats crazy!!! R.I.P. all losses....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The seacrch for the Drake Fathe part 2

When we last saw Ronan, Cassandra, And Brian, they got the shock of their lives. Enjoy: They screamed as the dark figure got closer. But then they realized it was just there friend Nicholas LionBlood pulling a prank on them. "Man, I got you guys good!"said Nick. "Nick, we don't have time for your pranks. said Ronan. "Why not old buddy?" asked Nick. "Ronan just got this letter via owl post" Ronan read Nick the letter. "Mythopolis?" "Cyrus?" "Father?" "Dude, I think your being punked." suggested Nick. "No way man, this is way too serious!" yelled Ronan. "We have to tell HeadMaster Ambrose about this" said Brian. "But Prof. Wu and Him went to visit Mooshu!" screamed Ronan. "Mooshu you say?" asked Cassandra. "Yeah, Hametsu village to be infact." Said Ronan. "Well, this is a conedece." I happenen to have some Teleportation Powder in a can." " I was saving it for farming, but this is important." said Cassandra. "Thanks Cassandra, you rock!" said Ronan. Ronan grabbed the can, sprayed it, and soon the dorm was filled with black smoke. 5 mseconds later, they were in Mooshu. "I will take th right, Brian, you take the left. Cassandra and Nick, You go look in the Commons." Ordered Ronan. "WAIT!" THERE THEY ARE!" yelled Nick. They ran for 5 minutes, but then they lost them. "I thought this might happen, so I brought my broomsticks!" said Cassandra. "Man Cassanda, you on a roll!" Brian said. They hopped on, and soon they were flying over Mooshu. "Hey! There they are!" said Ronan. They flew lower and lower until they landed in front of them. "Ah, Ronan, I Have been expecting you." said Ambrose. Stay tuned for part 3

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The search for the Drake Father part one

I wrote this long ago, so if you dont like it, dont read it. Enjoy: Ronan Drake sat in his dorm waiting for his friends, Cassandra GriffonDamer and Brian DarkGlade. Ronan had called them. It was a emergency. Finally, they appeared through his door. "Finally!" yelled Ronan. " I just ot this letter" He read them the letter. Dear Ronan, you may not remember me, But I am your long lost father. He paued, for rian had something to say. " But Ronan, i thought you were a orphan!" said brian. "I am!" He continued. I had to give you to Cyrus Drake, for he is my broher. Ronan stared. "CYRUS IS MY UNCLE?!?" Ronan screamed. He continued. But, since of yeserday, I have heard that Cyrus is dead. So, I must start to raise you as my own child. Meet me in Mythtopolis. "What Mythopolis?" they asked in unision. Ronan stared athis Lynx Gazer. And then he remembered something. When he was a small wizard, Cyrus had told him, The answer to all your questions lye with the Lynx. He reached for the Lynx. But then something Dark and Evil sounding stopped him. "Halt! Ronan! You are under arrest for Grand Theft Portrait!" said the mysterous stranger. Stay tunes for part 2

Just call me Myth Master X!

Yup. Myth Master won. Not much to post bout. Well, I got a stupid mini- project or the weekend, its about Gamma - Ray Bursts. Woopie.... They are pretty cool. Look it up on the official N.A.S.A site. I dont have a like but I am pretty is Well, Myth Master X out!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poll Tie?!?!

Well, a few days ago I posted a poll. My friend Cassandra GriffinDreamer didnt gt to vote, so I let her tell me in game. She voted Myth Master X, Making Merlin and Myth Master X TIED. So, new poll, again, but only one vote per person. S, its going to be up in eeactly ONE minute.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Level 48 spells!

Ortrus, does 50 damage, then 650! I cant wait for it! Storm Lord, 690 damage, then stuns, pretty cool, pretty cool. Scarecrow, 400 damage to every enemy, then heals you, NO WONDER FRIENDLY LOVES IT! Frost Giant, 475, then stuns, cool as ice. Fire Dragon, 440, then 351 over three rounds. HOT! Rebirth, 650 + a 400 absorb for you and friends, P.s. Bartleby, SWEET MOUSTACE! Power Nova, 470 damage + weakness to all enemies. TTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAATSSSSSSSSS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL FOLKS!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poll, Shout out, News, and maybe a name change?

Hey people who read my blog! ( Be LOG in wizard101 speak ) So anyway, Sorry for not posting in a while ( fork me!) Well, i was thinking, should I change my name? Like, Instead of Ronan Ravenshard, I could be Merlin, Harry potter, Bob the Builder, Barey the purple singing dinosaur, ( Just fooling wth last two) so, the poll is right here. Go on, you know you want to vote! Ok, One of my vest friends in Wizard101 is Esmee GhostWhisper. She is funy, random, and a all around great person. She is usually hanging out with me, so, port to me and meet her. Ok, my news is I just turned into a Level 30 Congurer yesterday, and I unlocked new stuff in The Bazaar, or as i call it, Farming Gone Easy, or The Place With a Lot of Stuff and Junk For You And Your House! Or for short, T.P.W.L.S.J.F.Y.A.Y.H. Ah, dont you just love acranems? Ok, So, i will putup a poll in about two minutes. Be Patiet and Vote! Merlin RavenPotterShard out! * Update* Poll is down with my pet fish. :3 Are they not cute?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Well, excuse me princess!

lol. I just saw this on YouTube and wanted to share it with you, it get annoying afer the first, Excuse me princess! If you want, only listen to the first Excuse me princess! then, skip to the end for a surprise, its funny as heck.

School, Art work, and a Unicorn!

Sorry I am posting so late, but I posted, so you cant fork me! Yeah! Ok, now to the serious things, Nearly none of the bloggers will post much now, either they have to go to school, or go to work. I start school on Monday, and I am glad! My Art teacher from my old school is teaching! Yeah! Yes, I draw, so what? Want to see some artwork? Let me check what i have in my documents lol. Sorry guys, I only found this picture of Diego the Duelmaster: Woah, my writing looks so smal compared to him. Well, i got all my School stuff. I got my Art stuff. I love the bookbinder I bought! Its so cute, I got a picture of it I think: I ordered it from Switzerland, for a nice price too, only 45.00$, No, not real gold, my duckies, well, thats pretty much it. Ravenshard out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tribute of me. By: Cassandra GriffinDreamer!

Yep, that pretty much sums me up! A myth student. Ronan Ravenshard, and, lover of pie with a cape fetish. And, if your reading this cassandra,please explain the wolf eating my head! I know this is a short post, but,this tribute was so awesome, i had to post bout it! So what, fork me.

Wizards, I'm Home!

Yep. I Thought hard and deep about it. I am Joining Wizard101 Once more! Praise the spiral! You might say. No! He is bck You may think. That is ok. And in honor of me coming back, I will post a pixcture I did of some cool wizards! Like them? Thanks! I worked hard on it. I love how My wizar101 player looks like a mix of harry, snape,and a little bit of Voldemort. Well, See You round the spiral, I am Ronan RavenShard, and I'm back baby!

Sad News

Today, I made One of the worst choice of my life. I have chose to quit Wizard101. You must be thinking in shock: Ronan! No! You cant quit! You just cant! Ah, but I can my darling readers. You see, here are the reasons why Reason #1: The fizzles. You see, I like to PvP a lot. I like going againt storm. Its a challenge. I got in a battle with a magus. Was i worried? No. He used wild bolt over and over. None of them fizzled. I tried my wild bolts. All of them worked. I tried 3 centaurs. All of them fizzled. Reason #2: The Card game. Sure, the game was fun the first tree months, but then, the monstes going back and forth in battle, it got annoying! back an forth, back and forth, it just got annoying. The lastand final reason, The chat. Yes, they have a very good chat. But people find a way around them. Like for example, ! $# @ o # ( @ !@# i censored them for my younger readers. They just add a O in te middle. I am tired of people caling me @ #$!! o %^$$%@! O !!@##@. I will Continue Blogging,but i am quitting wizard 101 forever. I am Ronan Ravenshard, wait, i just quit wizard101 didnt ? So that wont work, well , just call me Mr Minotaur from now on. * Update* * I will play wizard101 until my sub. ends *

The Friendly Necromancer!

Well, a few days ago was The Second Official Meet and Greet, or SOMG if you prepher. But Ronan, why is this Important? you may ask. Well, It is important to me because I got to meet the Lord of Wizard101: Thomas Lionblood. Here is a picutre of him next to Elephant dung!: Well, since I cant put that picture, Have this picture instead, I bet friendly might say this too! : Up there! Hmm, that should be this blog's new saying! post a comment if you agree. Well, that pretty much it. Well, I am going to go play Wizard101. See you around the spiral, and I like pie.

Famous Witch Of the Day!

Ok okk, last hary potter charecter, mk? Hermione Jean Granger, a Muggle born witch ( muggle means none magic person), Smartest person in her clas she was. Daughter of two destists, her parents are proud to have a witch in the family. Mrs. Joanne Kathleen Rowling even said she made Mrs. Granger in sort of a for, of herself. This was The witch of the day! With me, Ronan Ravenshard.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She got the blade!

Well, a few days ago, My friend Cassanda GriffinDreamer started Farming for her myth Sword. I was happy to help! She took a picture of us. Here it is. You Can see me there. Of couse I have leveled up a lot since then. She even got so desprete she called the god of death, the lord of awesome, the lord of the ( rings) death magic, Thomas Lionblood. Even with him, she didnt get it. She tried all kind of attacks. Super Judgement. Power Nova. Still nothing. Zip. Bubcis. Nada. Then, just last night, she tried one more time. She fought wih all her might. SHe gve up hope. Then she saw the wand icon on her left. She got it. May you have Fun fighting Diviner's with that sword! Ronan ravenshard, Merlin's 10 x grandson.

Famous Wizard Of the Day!

Harry James Potter, The boy who Lived, The Chosen one, The only wizard to have survived The killing curse: Avada Kedavra. He, in his first year, destroyed the sorcerers stone,and ecountered The Dark Lord Voldemort, And agin, defeated him. Now, i am not going to ell you the rest, go read the books, you will find them quiete, magical. Ronan Ravenshard, Heading towards Hogwarts.