Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poll, Shout out, News, and maybe a name change?

Hey people who read my blog! ( Be LOG in wizard101 speak ) So anyway, Sorry for not posting in a while ( fork me!) Well, i was thinking, should I change my name? Like, Instead of Ronan Ravenshard, I could be Merlin, Harry potter, Bob the Builder, Barey the purple singing dinosaur, ( Just fooling wth last two) so, the poll is right here. Go on, you know you want to vote! Ok, One of my vest friends in Wizard101 is Esmee GhostWhisper. She is funy, random, and a all around great person. She is usually hanging out with me, so, port to me and meet her. Ok, my news is I just turned into a Level 30 Congurer yesterday, and I unlocked new stuff in The Bazaar, or as i call it, Farming Gone Easy, or The Place With a Lot of Stuff and Junk For You And Your House! Or for short, T.P.W.L.S.J.F.Y.A.Y.H. Ah, dont you just love acranems? Ok, So, i will putup a poll in about two minutes. Be Patiet and Vote! Merlin RavenPotterShard out! * Update* Poll is down with my pet fish. :3 Are they not cute?

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