Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sad News

Today, I made One of the worst choice of my life. I have chose to quit Wizard101. You must be thinking in shock: Ronan! No! You cant quit! You just cant! Ah, but I can my darling readers. You see, here are the reasons why Reason #1: The fizzles. You see, I like to PvP a lot. I like going againt storm. Its a challenge. I got in a battle with a magus. Was i worried? No. He used wild bolt over and over. None of them fizzled. I tried my wild bolts. All of them worked. I tried 3 centaurs. All of them fizzled. Reason #2: The Card game. Sure, the game was fun the first tree months, but then, the monstes going back and forth in battle, it got annoying! back an forth, back and forth, it just got annoying. The lastand final reason, The chat. Yes, they have a very good chat. But people find a way around them. Like for example, ! $# @ o # ( @ !@# i censored them for my younger readers. They just add a O in te middle. I am tired of people caling me @ #$!! o %^$$%@! O !!@##@. I will Continue Blogging,but i am quitting wizard 101 forever. I am Ronan Ravenshard, wait, i just quit wizard101 didnt ? So that wont work, well , just call me Mr Minotaur from now on. * Update* * I will play wizard101 until my sub. ends *


  1. Well as far as the fizzles go, there has been a bug the Valerian posted about. All of the really high accuracy spells have been fizzling. That explains your centaur problem. As far as the swearing goes, I too feel your pain. It is so annoying, the little kids have nothing better to do than to get through the chat filter. I'm sorry that you're quitting, you may come back sometime. It's fun once you get past all the cons about it.

  2. I am heartbroken. You were a funny myth wizard. It's depressing you're calling it quits. Those reasons are true. I won't delete you off my friends list. I'll make a small picture in memory of your character. You will be missed. :'(