Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She got the blade!

Well, a few days ago, My friend Cassanda GriffinDreamer started Farming for her myth Sword. I was happy to help! She took a picture of us. Here it is. You Can see me there. Of couse I have leveled up a lot since then. She even got so desprete she called the god of death, the lord of awesome, the lord of the ( rings) death magic, Thomas Lionblood. Even with him, she didnt get it. She tried all kind of attacks. Super Judgement. Power Nova. Still nothing. Zip. Bubcis. Nada. Then, just last night, she tried one more time. She fought wih all her might. SHe gve up hope. Then she saw the wand icon on her left. She got it. May you have Fun fighting Diviner's with that sword! Ronan ravenshard, Merlin's 10 x grandson.

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