Friday, August 21, 2009

School, Art work, and a Unicorn!

Sorry I am posting so late, but I posted, so you cant fork me! Yeah! Ok, now to the serious things, Nearly none of the bloggers will post much now, either they have to go to school, or go to work. I start school on Monday, and I am glad! My Art teacher from my old school is teaching! Yeah! Yes, I draw, so what? Want to see some artwork? Let me check what i have in my documents lol. Sorry guys, I only found this picture of Diego the Duelmaster: Woah, my writing looks so smal compared to him. Well, i got all my School stuff. I got my Art stuff. I love the bookbinder I bought! Its so cute, I got a picture of it I think: I ordered it from Switzerland, for a nice price too, only 45.00$, No, not real gold, my duckies, well, thats pretty much it. Ravenshard out!

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